13G\15G Series-Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (SDEC)


13G\15G Series

AG体育 Power Output: 187~373 kW

The G series in-line engine (SC13G/SC15G) is improved by the SDEC on the basis of the G128 diesel engine that is special for generator sets with major upgrades in engine quality, reliability, fuel economy, NVH and appearance. The SC15G engine’s stroke is extended to 165 mm.  Most parts of the G series in-line engine are interchangeable with those of the G128 engine. Made in accordance with the SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards, the G series in-line engines is a first power for generator sets of prime power of 160 to 300 kW.

AG体育 Major Improvements

AG体育 Adopted a non-quenched and tempered steel crankshaft for the SC15G engine, improved gaskets for all sealing areas, and changed fuel injection pump connection from drive shaft structure to gear connection in order to enhance engine reliability.

Enhanced water pump flow, and optimized pipeline design to reduce system resistance.

Increased oil pump flow and oil pressure to enhance lubrication of internal moving parts.

AG体育 Added oil separator and redesigned thermostat to improved application adaptability to regions of different ambient temperatures.

Redesigned fuel line, optimized layouts of outside piping, air filter, as well as guard and shield to make engine appear in good industrial design.

AG体育 Utilized fractured connecting rod to provide easier maintenance and service.

AG体育 Upgraded to meet the emission standards of China II for off-road equipment.